01. Boy in the Boat—George Honnoh 02. Prove It On Me Blues—Ma Rainey 03. I Need A Little Sugar In My Bowl—Bessie Smith 04. You Can’t Tell The Difference After Dark—Alberta Hunter 05. Lay It On the Line—Gladys Bentley 06. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out—Bessie Smith 07. Foolish Man Blues—Bessie Smith 08. B.D. Woman’s Blues—Bessie Jackson 09. (I Want To Go Where You Go, Do What You Do) Then I’ll Be Happy—Joséphine Baker 10. Am I Blue?—Ethel Waters 11. 'Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do—Gladys Bentley 12. Worried Blues—Gladys Bentley 13. Gimme All the Love You Got—Alberta Hunter 14. Stormy Weather—Ethel Waters 15. I Want Every Bit of It—Bessie Smith 16. Hound Dog—Big Mama Thornton

'Tain't Nobody's Business: songs by Black women who slept with other women, dressed like men, and sang about it. Not every song on here is about women with women or men with men, but there’s a decent amount of queer blues songs out there. (Also, there is one male artist on here, but “boy in the boat” is the best euphemism for the clit and kaboodle that I’ve heard in a while, and any song that blames WWI for lesbianism because all these women were left by themselves needs to be included.)

Listen*  | Download Link One | Download Link Two

*(minus tracks 03, 06, and 15 because 8tracks can’t handle my love of Bessie Smith)

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